Friday, September 14, 2012

Ta Morakia

The Greek langauge lessons this week in Ta Morakia class was that  we sang Ax Kounelaki, Ta Psarakia, To Pazari and Xaropa.  The kids loved it! I used stuffed animals as props.
We started with "Xerome Poli" "nice to meet you" and saying each childs' name in Greek.  Then we did Agios O Theos three times.  I read a story named "Ta Psarakia".
Each child had a stuffed psari(fish)  while we sang "Ta Psarakia".  When we sang "To Pazari",  each child  was able to hold a Kokkoraki(rooster), Kotoula (chick) Skilaki(puppy) and a Gatoula(Kitten).  It is very important to let the child not only see but feel the objects that are being sung.
During "Ax Kounelaki",  each child held their own kouneli (bunny) while singing the song and doing their hand gestures.  I even had a picture in front. After that, we all stood up and did all of our hand gestures during Xaropa.  Hands, fingers, knees, feet and our"HAHA'S".    We used the parachute for ena-deka and used a color bag.  Blue had "ble" objects inside and the same for red had "kokkino", yellow had "kitrina" objuects too!.  We ended with a Zouzounia cd and a 15 minute free play in our tunnels and play area!  Fun!!  Great first day!

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