Saturday, September 8, 2012

Agia Triada Festival

The festival was a blast last night.  We met up with tons of family and friends.  Father George Stavropoulos was of course walking around and greeting everyone.  I love that man.  My pethera God bless her was making the Loukoumades all night!  The souvlakia were excellent and a bottle of wine was $15.  Pretty good.  My cousins were making the souvlakia and old friends of Kostas' from high school were selling the beverages.  The boys won stuffed animals and 3 fish.  Ye, s you read it correctly.  They won three fish at the ring toss.  Now,  not only do I have to care for the 4 men in my life , but  I have 3 fish to take care of as well.   Good luck and God bless Agia Triada!

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