Monday, April 25, 2011

Xristos Anesti until June 12

Just a reminder that the Xristos Anesti should be recited every day until Pentecost Sunday which is June 12 this year. In my home, we recite it in the morning.

Xristos Anestis Christ Has Risen

On April 24, 2011 we celebrated Greek Orthodox Easter. We had a traditional "Pascha" (Easter) at my home as we do every year. We sang the XristodsAnesti before eating and cracked red eggs to symbolize the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. Here is the song in phonetics.

Xristos Anesti

Ekne kron Thanato Thanaton Pati Sas

Kai tis En Tis mnimasi Zoe


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Popeye The Sailor Man Greek DVD

Nouno Yiannis saves the day! He came over on Sunday with a Popeye DVD in Greek. My kids loved it! Of course my husband and Nouno couldn't take their eyes off the DVD as well. There are three different episodes on the DVD. It works on my multi region DVD player. They spell it "POPAY" ( Paragogi 2007)Telephone 210-953-6645 or email

Happy Birthday in Greek

My oldest son turned 6 last week. We put signs all over the house that wrote Hronia Polla( Many years). We made a special dinner of his favorite meal, orzo and bread ( kritheraki and psomi). After the cake we sang Happy Birthday in English and then in Greek.

Greek Phonetics English
Na zisis Gavrilli kai xronia polla long may you live and many years
megalos na ginis may grow old
me aspra mallia with white hair
pantou na skorpizis may you spread out everywhere
tis gnosis to fos the light of knowledge
kai oli na lene and everyone will say
na enas sofos there he is a wise man

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Greek Independence Day Parade New York City

This year, the Greek Independence Day Parade was held on March 27,2011. It was a cold and windy day but the sun was out. 6 students from our pre school marched with our church, Saint Paraskevi. Bravo Paidea and Zito Ellada! I just ordered a banner for next year and t-shirts for our students!