Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Some Informative Greek website links from one Of my Teachers

Dear Greek School Parents,
I have been doing a lot of preparing for the fall, I have across many helpful websites to help your children in the Greek Language. As your children continue going through the Greek Program at the Holy Assumption of Port Jefferson, the grammar aspect of the language becomes a bit challenging. I have found some helpful websites so they may use in the future. It will be helpful in completing homework for the students. As a Greek Tutor, I come across the major issues with grammar. Grammar as we all know is not something that you learn over night, it takes plenty of years of practice. Hope you find these helpful, as I know I have. Thank You!!!
Yours Truly,
Despinis Sophia Panagos
Here are the links to the websites: Enjoy :)
Hope you find these sites both informative and insightful!
Thank You! Enjoy your summer!!

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