Sunday, October 7, 2012

Night Out In Astoria

The whole family went out in Astoria, NY. It was a great night. We ate at Tellys Taverna. That is our favorite place. The food is authentic and inexpensive. We ate ψάρι, calamaria, xtopodi, salata and the house white is excellent. The service is amazing. They make you feel like you're home. My boys love our server Kyria Eleni. Whenever you walk through the doors the staff is falling all over to help you. After Tellys we walked to the corner and had dessert at Lefkos Pirgos. Yum! The place is nice clean and new. The pastries are fresh. The staff runs it the same way they did when they first opened 70 years ago. Great night. The kids loved it and it was very family friendly.

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